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A unique hair salon in Zurich run by me (Pos Bridge) an highly experienced hairdresser who has crafted his skill across the globe working on a range of clients from models through to mums, dads and kids.

By Pos

The Products of Desire Story

Established in Australia in 2002 the current format of “Products Of Desire by Pos” has been a success in a number of countries. Spain, England, Australia and now Switzerland. I have found the service of going to clients in their home to be quite favourable to mothers with little ones, groups of ladies and families. Occasionally I do weddings and event hair-do’s too. In 2015 I travelled to Spain, Germany and Greece to make brides feel their very best on the big day. The grooms were not forgotten but clearly outshined by their better halves.

I am not your average hairdresser-stylist-do do’er. I love to talk s#!t, I have a foul mouth (which can be tamed when needed) my jokes a born in the gutter along with most of my mates. I am not here to impress you with tales of logo shopping and prima donna activities. I am a down to earth country family raised Australian lad. As soon as it warms up there is a good chance I won’t have shoes on… #realness

On the other side of things my skill are not to be taken lightly. I have won a number ego orientated hairdressing trophies including Western Australian Avant Garde Stylist, Colourist of the year and some other nonsense all voted by my piers. I gave up the comp side of hairdressing when I realised it was only there to impress other hairdressers and in fact the client is the one that I should be spending my time impressing.

If you’re keen to use my service I’m keen to be your hair guy. Expect nothing but the best and whole lot of weird and wonderful chit chat along the way. I read and research many facets and faculties of life and there are not too many topics I don’t find interesting. Looking forward to a bit of banter soon.

You can follow my work on instagram (podxpos) or facebook (Products Of Desire). My facebook is updated every Monday with any free appointments I may have for that coming week.